Cat Power Cancels Tempe Show

By: Megan Irwin

Get well soon Chan! (photo by Steve Gullick)

This space should be filled with a review of what I'm sure would have been one of the best shows to hit the Marquee Theater this year: Cat Power was set to perform with her new band the Dirty Delta Blues.

Last time I saw her she drank whiskey and chain smoked through the show, and I was curious to see what's changed since she cleaned up her act and got sober.

(In my humble super-fan opinion, her albums have gotten a little Nora-Jonesy since she laid off the sauce, but her live shows supposedly have gotten a million times better.)

But it was not to be. At around 6:30 last night, I got a text message: "Cat Power cancelled."

What? Why?

Another text: "Callus in her throat somewhere. Probably the whole tour cancelled. A friend was her liaison and they spent the day in the hospital."

A couple more phone calls confirmed the show really wasn't going to happen. (I'm a journalist, I never trust one source, no matter how well connected he is.)

A late night e-mail to her rep confirmed that she really is down for the count: "She saw a doctor and has a callus on her vocal chords and was instructed not to sing for at least a couple of weeks. No decision has been made about the rest of this tour, but if the shows do have to be cancelled, they will be rescheduled for later this year."