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Arty Girl: Arizona Arts in Big Trouble

Yes, our state's art budgets are in trouble - big time. But don't panic yet. Keep cool, keep calm and keep your head because we need you out there, soldier!

There's still time to help and you can make a difference in just a few minutes without having to reach for your wallet.

The AZ House and Senate budget proposals are out and under negotiation. So far, what's mapped out for Arizona's art funding is pretty terrifying.

Here are the deets of the budget proposal, taken from the Arizona Citizens Actions for the Arts website:

-Propose draconian cuts to the Arizona Commission on the Arts budget of more than 70%, not leaving even enough for Federal funds match. That means giving money back to Washington.

-Sweep the remaining $14.653 million from Arizona ArtShare, the statewide arts endowment fund that as recently as January stood at $20 million before the Legislature made its first sweep of funds.

-Put at risk 50,000 private-sector arts industry jobs across Arizona.

-Virtually eliminate Arizona Commission on the Arts' support arts education programs in schools and communities that touch 1.7 million Arizona youth.

-Potentially wipe out hundreds of millions of dollars in spending and tax revenue generated by arts activities.

So here's where you come in. I promise, it's super easy and it will make you feel good to do your part.

Go to and click the "Take Action" link. Here, it will help you figure out how to write or call your legislators and the Governor. They even have a pre-prepared email for you. Just fill out your info and click "send". Then spread the word to your other art-friendly contacts.

See? Easy, right?