Phoenix Rockers Dynamite the Liberator Talk About What's Been Missing in the Valley Music Scene

It took bassist Rich Tokatyan and guitarist John J. Yohimbe of Phoenix outfit Dynamite the Liberator three years to see their vision of a rock 'n' roll band come to fruition. They searched high and low for potential suitors -- musicians who could not only jive with their philosophy and creative prowess, but who also had the skill to match their own.

The Valley's talent pool proved to be too shallow for the dynamic duo, but lucky for them, Phoenix happens to be a hot spot for transplants like themselves. Enter singer and New York-native Marcus Terrell Smith, and drummer Chad Calton by way of Michigan.

A year later, the four-piece band is primed to show the Valley just what it's been missing. This week provides folks two chances to "get liberated" with performances at the Sail Inn tonight, and again tomorrow at Monsterland in Mesa.