OK Go's Music Videos Still Reliably Inventive

From treadmills to paint guns, OK Go has always been pushing the creative envelope with DIY music videos. For their latest single "The Writing's On the Wall" from their new Hungry Ghosts album, they were faced with the challenge to pushing the envelope a little further.

Using more than 20 illusions, 70 crew members, and going through about six takes before deciding on "the one," the music video for "The Writing's On the Wall" weaves in and out and over and under through a warehouse of carefully-placed shapes, carefully-painted walls, and delicately-planned timing to portray the one-shot wonders of OK Go's collective imagination.

"Most of our work was in pre-production: making sure odds and ends lined up, the timing of movement was perfect, and that the pace cohesively flowed around the room," explains Tim Nordwind of OK Go. "In post-production, we did just a bit of color correction to make some of the colors pop out more, and eliminated some shakiness."

The new album, which was released October 14, explores a more electronic side to the more pop-rock-driven group. When asked why the band decided to dive into electronic music, Nordwind responded, "For the past four years, we've been touring and making videos and we have computers everywhere at our disposal. We would program bass sounds out of synthesizers instead of unpacking the bass."

He goes on to explain that when they decided to write a new album, they all sat in different rooms working on a new tune on the computer, and then they would all visit each other in the different rooms and put their own perspective on the songs. "One thing that people need to understand is that electronic sounds don't necessarily have to equate to electronic dance music," he argues.

One song in particular that Nordwind is excited to share with listeners is "Another Set of Issues", which he describes as "a minimal but groovy electronic song that tells a very surreal story about a bank robbery."

OK Go is scheduled to play Crescent Ballroom on Friday, October 24.

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