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Phoenix DJs React to Death of Adam Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM)

The music world was stunned and saddened by the tragic and untimely passing of DJ AM (a.k.a. Adam Goldstein), who was found dead in his NYC apartment this past Friday. It's been reported that the 36-year-old superstar was the victim of an apparent accidental drug overdose.

The shockwaves from Goldstein's death reverberated through Phoenix's DJ community pretty hard, particularly amongst those who were friends and associates. Ironically, the news came within days of the announcement that AM was putting a free show at Tempe Marketplace on September 24.

Recent Valley ex-pat Fashen, who's a member of AM's Deckstar DJ collective/music label, began making posts to his Twitter account a few hours after his friend's death.

"I don't know much about the situation yet, but I do know that I am where I'm at in my career today because of Adam," Fashen tweeted.

He also added that he was planning to play Daft Punk during his weekend sets "in honor of one of the greatest djs/inspirations/friend who ever lived."

Scottsdale club DJ J. Alan was also a huge fan of AM who got a chance to work with him during a few Super Bowl parties last year. The Axis-Radius resident says he was also influenced by Goldstein ever since watching him spin at Club Body English in Las Vegas in 2004.

"He was there with Bad Boy Bill and I saw him using Serato Scratch Live," J. Alan says. "The next day I went out and bought a copy and started using it in my sets."

When Pinky Ring's Tricky T and Benjamin Cutswell (who were scheduled to open up for AM during the Tempe Marketplace gig) first heard the news, they thought it was a hoax. They soon realized it wasn't.

"I was DJing at Fashion Square Mall when Benny called me and told me the news. I just couldn't believe it. I figured it was a bad joke or something, since he'd survived the plane crash last year," Tricky T says. "I had tons of respect for him. He changed the DJ game a lot in many respects."

Cutswell also described the news as a "kick to the gut" and "a real tragedy."

"It really stinks. He was a good guy who's helped a lot of DJs out, like Fashen," Cutswell says. "He helped bring club DJing to the foreground and I was very exited to be be opening up for one of the greatest DJ in the country, if not the world."