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Mumford & Sons and Dirty Heads to Play Canned Beer Festival in Chandler [UPDATE: Not Really]

SanTan Brewing is taking the beer festival band thing to a whole new level at their first Ameri"CAN" Canned Craft Beer Festival.

The Chandler brewery cans instead of bottles, which probably seems like a trivial distinction (or a horrible mistake) to people who aren't into craft beer.

Trust me, it's the sort of thing beer geeks care deeply about, and the cult of cans will be in full force at the event on Saturday May 21 in downtown Chandler.  

As if to prove once and for all that cans aren't just for cheap domestics and the corny events associated with them, the festival has tapped Mumford & Sons, who you may remember from such television programs as this year's Grammys, Vodoo Glow Skulls, who are tons of fun, and The Dirty Heads, who are a fairly decent white ska outfit fronted by the guy who is Sublime's new scab lead singer.
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This would make a decent music festival lineup in it's own right -- as the entertainment for a beer-focused event it's absolutely killer. Tickets are $35 here and this will very likely sell out in advance.

In case you're a beer geek who stumbled into this story without knowing anything about the bands, here are some videos to familiarize yourself.