Show Preview

Summer of Sound: Americana Show Saturday

New Times annual local music showcase, Summer of Sound, starts this Saturday at Mill Cue Club. Yes, Mill Cue Club. It's part of our effort to bring music back to Mill Avenue, where all five of our genre-based shows (Americana, pop, indie, hard rock, hip hop) will be. The show starts at 7 p.m. and features the best local Americana acts: Tractor Pull Divas, The Cartwheels, Matthew Reveles, and The Sugar Thieves, along with the headliner, ass-kicking LA band, The BellRays. Check out an awesome live video of The BellRays on the jump.

After you're inside on the $5 cover there will be great drink specials from Bud Select ($2.50) and So Co ($3), two of our sponsors. Good luck matching those prices at most Mill Ave clubs.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter. The first 10 or so of you who tweet @martincizmar the night of the show will get a drink on me.