Black Flag's Mike Vallely on Former Singer: "He Doomed the Reformation From Day One"

"It's not my imagination, there's a gun at my back." - "Revenge" from Black Flag's 1980 Jealous Again ep. For fans and non-fans alike, there is no arguing the legacy of Black Flag. Angry, visceral, and a revolving door of singers and rhythm sections, lead guitarist Greg Ginn and the crew he's tabbed to rock with him at any given moment have always charged head first into the fray, playing whatever the hell they have wanted, and thumbing their collective noses at any type of mainstream success.

Let's just put it right out there: The last 18 months or so has not been the best era of storied Los Angeles punk legends Black Flag's history. In fact, there are probably not a lot of unknown bands out there that would have traded places with these dudes given the media and fan backlash that has recently occurred, and that says a lot. If there has been a time in recent years where there might be a feeling of desperation within the Black Flag camp, it's probably now.