Night Train: Center Parkway/Washington (Stop #20)

Where: Rolling Hills Golf Course (1415 N. Mill Ave.) is a 10 to 15 minute walk, uphill, from the station.

Drink: A pitcher of Bud Light ($6.50)

Scene: Our lofty goal with this bar crawl was to find someplace at every stop that was within walking distance and not actually closer to any other stop. We've done that here, barely. Since the Marquee - a concert club that is only open on show nights, and doesn't have a public bar anyway, meaning you'd have to buy a ticket and submit to a thorough frisking by security to enter - is the only thing besides office buildings near the stop, you're going to need to hike up Mill Avenue for a half-mile to Tempe's city-owned golf course. The payoff, though, is sweet: $6.50 pitchers (or $3 pints) of Bud Light in a big, empty longue frequented by golfers. --Martin Cizmar

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