Night Train: McClintock/Apache (Stop #25)

Where: The Roc Bar located at 1400 S. McClintock and just a ten minute walk South from the station. Mind the cars. 

Drink: "Give us your worst," we told the two inviting tenders of Roc Bar' What we got was a double shot of alcoholic bliss. First up: 100 Cracked Fists. Imagine everything including the kitchen sink with a grenadine kiss and you're not even close. Next was a German Chocolate Cake shot - tasty and less filling than the real thing. 

Scene: With enough monitors to make the most diehard sports fan fall into convulsions and a few pool tables to boot, Roc Bar is a nice little hangout whether you live around stop 25 or you're just passing through. --Jonathan McNamara

Night Train will appear here every day until December 27, when the Metro opens. For more about our light rail bar crawl project check out our first Night Train post.