Sound Off

A Handy Guide to How Long a Set Your Band Should Play

Despite putting on a fantastic show at the Marquee Theatre last Wednesday, the New York kids collectively known as Interpol put on a set that clocked in at just under 60 minutes. It wasn't exactly the Rolling Stones at Altamont, but there were many in the crowd who were vocal about what they thought should be an acceptable length of a show, while others simply shrugged their shoulders and wondered what all the whining was about.

When you purchase a ticket to any concert, you run the risk of not getting the experience you paid for. Outdoor shows get rained out. Favorite songs don't get played. Opening bands go over their allotted time. Sometimes a musician is just having a very bad night. The one variable any musician can feasibly control is the length of his or her set list, but do bands like Interpol even have to give their audience more than an hour of their time?