The Serene Dominic Show: Kongos Tear It Up

See also: Kongos Are Huge in South Africa. Is Phoenix Next? In this week's issue of New Times we catch up with the brothers Kongos, a band so huge in South Africa they've graced the pages of that nation's Rolling Stone. Could the States be next, swept up in a wave starting here in Phoenix?

The band's scheduled to perform at the Crescent Ballroom on Friday, July 20, releasing their anticipated second full length CD (titled Lunatic, available on iTunes and all your favorite recorded music emporiums). So we bring you . . . a repost of The Serene Dominic Show taped with Kongos last October, just before they embarked on their wildly successful South American tour.   Maybe you've already watched it. Watch it again.

And like it. And send it to a friend, ya ingrate, in anticipation of a blog containing all the outtakes of Serene's interview with the Brothers K and and an online version of the actual article itself. And just be thankful you weren't born in the '60s and '70s, where your whole summer was filled with repeats and having to do remedial math all over again in the school you were supposed to be out of all summer. Ha! Cut too close to the bone with that last one, didn't I?

Too bad, Charlie Potatoes!

That's right, I'm using Robert Blake-isms now! See? I'm inserting some timely material here in what could've just been the same old post. That's value! Everything you read from here on out, however, will just be reheated whimsy.

In this SPECIAL DIRECT TO YOU VIDCAST™ I visit with KONGOS and chat about this great achievement as well as learn which international pop stars they have trounced in the Top 10. SPECIAL DIRECT TO YOU VIDCAST BONUS™ -- watch the fratellos four whip through a blistering LIGHTNING ROUND™, not for the faint of heart.

In part two, we talk even more with KONGOS as they play the single that started this new round of success for them, "It's a Good Life." I would like say that they play this song acoustically but that's not strictly true (damn you Danny, Dylan, and them electrical gee-tars)! Plus, MTV still holds a claim on that "unplugged" word, even though it only refers to Snookie's hair dryer now.

Kongos are scheduled to perform Friday, July 20, at Crescent Ballroom. SERENE DOMINIC™, LIGHTNING ROUND™, SPECIAL DIRECT TO YOU VIDCAST™, DIRECT TO YOU VIDCAST BONUS™ and BLUNTER THAN EVER BEFORE™ are all registered trademarks.

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