J.D. Stooks Exclusive Performance of "By the Coin Jar" (VIDEO)

This week's issue of Phoenix New Times (on newsstands today) features a profile of local musician J.D. Stooks. Stooks performed a couple songs off his Shutterbug EP for Up on the Sun. One track, "By the Coin Jar," is the song Stooks credits for getting him back in the music game. Check out the videos with lyrics after the jump. 

"By the Coin Jar"

I put your diamond ring on the dresser
Called you up one more time
Say "baby been feeling so awful,
But everything is gonna be alright"

Cause this rope around my throat
Is making me think of you
And your timing is aweful
But you never lose

Sat down to write you a love note
Something sweet to remember me by
Said take a good hard long last look
Cause forgetting is just part of life


Do my best boyscout impression
All the while curse the day
San Francisco you never loved me
You can't expect me to stay


"Don't Go Out Dancing Tonight"

You whispered softly in my ear
Said "if you don't get me outta here
I'm gonna tear open your chest"
Then I see you stall by the door
Bye to an old friend
You still love him, but you wont anymore

You don't feel like yourself these days
You don't like the fame
But you can blame that all on me
So don't go out dancing tonight
Just stay at home, watch the blues from the porch
And tell you're mine

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