Small Leaks Sink Ships - Last Exit Live - 11/21/2013

By Mitchell L. Hillman

Sometimes you go to a show and there simply is a vibe, a certain ephemeral quality, a momentary zeitgeist that can be described in no way other than "perfection." It could be any number of things, but usually it comes down to first, a carefully casted lineup, a group of bands whose sounds are complementary. Secondly, it relies on a great venue or rather an appropriate venue for the aforementioned lineup -- I mean if the lineup is lo-fi garage rock, the Yucca would be great, but if you need to deliver fidelity, you need to find the right space.

Finally, there needs to be a crowd that is eager to devour the music being pounded out on stage. When these elements combine properly, the evening is transformed from just a bunch of bands playing together to an actualized event where people are left smiling, dazed, and sometimes slightly confused as the show lets out.

Some shows try for it and fail, other shows seem to happen upon it accidentally, and still other shows appear designed to weave your soul and mind into the very fabric of the night. Such was the case Thursday night at Last Exit Live, when Small Leaks Sink Ships, As In We, Morning Theft, and Celebration Guns came together on a rainy evening in Phoenix.