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The Canyon State Beard Club Weighs In on Music's Best Beards

No doubt the landscape of modern music has become considerably beardier over the last few years. When it comes to indie and rock these days, if you don't have a beard, you're not authentic. (Lumineers, it's the only thing standing in your way!)

When you're cultivating your own face mitten or lip kitten, it's good to have some moral support from those who understand your struggles and achievements. That's why former show promoter Jeremi Stoker and musician Adam Lee Cogswell formed the Canyon State Beard Club, which is set to have its official launch party this Saturday at Yucca Tap Room, featuring Tramps and Thieves, Bottom Shelf Bourbon and Some Dark Hallow.

We got the hairy lowdown from Stoker and members Jeff Cogswell, and Thomas Craig about the show, membership and the club's policy on chicks with facial hair.