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Twitter #Music Doesn't Get Why Friends Give Friends Music

Twitter #Music -- the music-discovery service from the people who brought you #SomaliDirectionersLoveZayn-style declarations of collectivist fandom love -- rolled out this week, and people are . . . not especially happy with it. A blunt summary of the problems with it was passed around among tech-liberal-arts-blog types over the weekend.

The Popular pane is useless to anyone over the age of 17. Emerging seems to simply be the inverse of Popular and is therefore equally hopeless. Swipe over to Suggested and we're finally getting somewhere, save for the fact that the secret sauce of what makes an artist "suggested" is completely opaque . . .

. . . which just about covers all the means of music discovery in the app. But the real problem with Twitter #Music and social-music apps more generally is simpler and not about design at all: Do you like your friends' taste in music to begin with? All your friends?