Emby Alexander Talk New Video "Dressed Undressing" and Getting Signed in the UK

Emby Alexander have had a pretty busy year. They released a self-titled EP in March, let Mandi Kimes (their backup vocalist) go, unveiled two music videos this summer, and joined the roster of Bigo & Twigetti, a label in the UK. Their first single through the record company, "Dressed Undressing," is accompanied by a video, once again directed by Trevvor Riley. (Riley and Michael B. Alexander, the band's frontman and namesake, go back a ways, as far as when Alexander was in Boys & Frogs; Riley directed a video for their song, "Let Your Wet Hair Down," and followed up with Emby's "Drag The Long Way Home."

For "Dressed Undressing," Riley and Alexander once again paired creatively, coming up with the concept -- featuring a girl hanging herself on a noose made of flowers, weird masks, lots of cigarettes, more of Eric Kasper's artwork and a tight-knit world filmed in a dreamy, sunlit bedroom -- together.

"I believe the imagery and feel came first. We wanted a small 'world' to work with, so everything was to be written in just one environment," Michael Alexander says. "I wanted to couple the repeating musical refrain with something very striking."