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Ask A Geto Boy: How Do I Bring Up My Coworker's Awful Breath?

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Photo courtesy of Peter Beste

Dear Willie D:

I am a female working at the same computer-repair company for three years with a guy who has the most awful breath ever. I do everything in my power to not get too close to him but it's difficult because he is my supervisor. He is the type who likes to get right up in your face when he speaks to you. Sometimes I turn my head to avoid being in his direct line of breathing fire but unless I'm at least four feet away from him it's just no use.

I like my job, but my co-worker's sewer stink breath is so bad that I'm at a point to where I'm considering new employment. What do you think is the best way to deal with this issue?


Grown folks with bad breath have lived long enough to be told they have bad breath on more than one occasion. So believe me, this is a fact that your supervisor is well aware of. From here out, whenever he comes near you, start eating gum or mints and offer some to him. If not the first time, one day he will reply, "What, does my breath stink or something?"