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Downtown is Ovah: The Shirt, The Followup Column, The Contributors

If you pick up a copy of the brand new New Times (or, I guess, just click this link) you'll come across my latest Sonic Truth column, a followup to the "Downtown is Ovah" column I penned predicting that the demise of Modified Arts will lead to a shift of live music and local bands to Tempe. Hopefully this will advance the conversation a little more than, say, this dude, who can't seem to make the first seven words of his "story" accurate and never bothered to link to my piece, which is ridiculously poor form in the Internet age.

Annnnnnyway, a big thanks to the contributors, who I'd encourage you to tweet at expressing either "gr8 thx" or vehement opposition: @JacquiD @psykosteve @ShaneWmKennedy and @Lou_Kummerer.

Also, buy the shirt, which I can confirm is both super comfortable and very stylish here. Proceeds benefit Local First AZ and The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, which is funny little dig at me that would be funnier if I had attended The Harvard of Date Rape's school of journalism, which I sadly did not.

Also also, if you're "still sore  about it, I'll be waiting" a "Downtown is Ovah" night Ben Collins and I discussed a while back. The plan is to meet up at The Roosevelt some Sunday night when Shane is DJing. People can discuss, plot and/or get their pound of flesh. Details soon, provided there is interest.