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Cricket Pavilion is Now Desert Sky Pavilion Again (For Now)

The 20-year-old outdoor amphitheater on the west side of Phoenix which switched its name from Desert Sky Pavilion to Cricket Wireless Pavilion a few years ago is now back to square one.

This is no victory over corporate America. The low-cost cell provider's naming rights recently expired and concert promoter Live Nation, which owns the venue, decided to temporarily revert to the original name while they shop for a new sponsor.

"Don't get too used to the name though," a Live Nation spokesperson told us.

We've only seen one show announced at the space so far this year -- the triumphant return of Mötley Crüe on June 17. Expect a new name (Cold Stone Creamery Pavilion? GoDaddy Amphitheater? It's anyone's guess!) within the next few months so no one is leaving money on the table as the big summer tours are announced.