Ministry's Al Jourgensen: We Finished From Beer To Eternity For Mikey

Al Jourgensen is 54 years old--a veteran in the metal scene--and has gone through more than most can fathom. He's sold millions of albums and endured a decade of habitual drug abuse. He's also been pronounced dead three times along the way, and has a ton of stories about roadie hazing, sex, tragedy, and meeting some of the most famous celebrities ever.

It's all cataloged in his new book, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen. It's a thick read--almost 300 pages penned with esteemed music journalist Jon Weiderhorn. Which make sense, since Jourgensen has had a nearly 33-year ride through the music industry. Any page you open up to ensures entertainment. His meeting with Madonna and his thoughts on her body odor; experimentation with men and oral sex; an altercation with R. Kelly; his performance at the Viper Room when River Phoenix overdosed; groupies having sex with Dobermans; chasing Metallica out of his dressing room by dropping his pants; and humiliating Fred Durst in the studio when he got him drunk one night. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.