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Does Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Borrow Too Much From Madonna?

This new hit of hers might be a little too similar to Madonna's hit "Express Yourself." In the "Born This Way" video, Gaga's rockin' Madge's classic lengthy high ponytail hairdo. Lady Gaga portrays herself as a strong, powerful woman just as Madonna has always done, plus she's channeling the 80s for sure. One YouTuber went so far as to sync the songs up so you can hear the similarities.

The Material Girl has given Gaga her stamp of approval of "Born This Way," but my guess is because it sounds just like something she created in 1989.

In typical  Gaga fashion, everyone spends most of their time in the video hanging out in the nude, but this video wreaks of sex much more than any of her past videos. Think of the totally NSFW music video for "See the Leaves" by the Flaming Lips, but much more graphic and gooey.

Sure, Gaga is known for her extremely high levels of creativity, expression and originality, but this music video just seems to channel Madonna. Maybe too much. Is Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna?

Watch Gaga's video below and sound off!

Oh, and if you need a refresher, Madonna's video is here.