Is Dubstep the New Nu-Metal?

Love it or hate it, it's looking inevitable: dubstep isn't going anywhere for awhile, and a lot of ambitious metalheads are pairing their riffs up with wobble wobble sounds in a bid for commercial success.

It reminds me of a coked-out Paris Hilton making a sex tape with Slayer's Kerry King. It would be kind of like a train wreck, but as much as you'd want to look away you just can't Will the sex be awkward or hot? Will there be domination involved? And, more importantly: Is it going to turn me on?

Dubstep has been around for years, but gained significant traction in the US by way of Skrillex's signature lurching and aggressive style (and the guy's got metal roots, starting off in From First to Last, a mid-2000s post-hardcore band). The sound, when combined with metal, is a little addicting I'll admit -- in small doses.

The combination's success hinges on revealing the raw sexuality heavy metal fans always thrived on, but the mainstream never took the time to decipher. The breakdowns in metal dubstep are like orgasmic reactions every three minutes. And who doesn't gravitate towards that?