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New Release Tuesday: The Von Bondies

Yes, it's Tuesday again, so you know what that means: more new music. This week, I have chosen to focus my energy on The Von Bondies' new album, Love, Hate And Then There's You. Now I know what you're saying: "Their last album wasn't all that good." You're right, it wasn't. It had the theme song to Rescue Me on it, but it was pretty thin beyond that. Imagine my surprise when first popping in the Bondies' new album and being assaulted by the amazingly simple yet shockingly addictive rock riffs and echoing vocals of lead singer (and Jack White punching bag) Jason Stollsteimer.

The album isn't high art nor does it reinvent music. It's brutally honest and sincere, all while being tantalizingly simple. I'm kind of shocked I enjoy the album so much (considering I usually enjoy more artsy, out-there music), but I can't quite seem to put it down. Love, Hate is bolstered by the damn-near-perfect single "Pale Bride." It's an unfairly catchy song, displaying Stollsteimer's aching, desperate vocals backed by Christy Hunt's arena-rock-worthy guitar. Let the song enter your head once and it will take about a month for it to finally find it's way out -- it is that catchy. When I first heard the album, I had no clue what the single was. After hearing "Pale Bride," I had no doubt that it would be the first single off the album. The track is surrounded by other effortlessly fun rock songs, helping move the album along without any bumps in the road. "Only To Haunt You" is repetitive, bland, and lacking ingenuity -- but I can't get enough of it.

Only To Haunt You - The Von Bondies

It's refreshing to come across an album that makes listening to music this much fun. Don't get me wrong: I love Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion, but some of those songs can be dense. They go on for five or six minutes and leave me scratching my head. But they are art, and I recognize genius when I hear it. Even a band like Lemonade, who I adore, can produce some out-there music. So I put my hat in The Von Bondies' ring, and they don't disappoint by rewarding me with Love, Hate And Then There's You.

Love, Hate And Then There's You is out today on Shout Factory Records.

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