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Army of Robots
Way back in February of 2005, I wrote a column saying that Army of Robots had succeeded Tucson's The Bled as the best band in Arizona (in my opinion, of course), and that they'd "fucked up the whole paradigm and established a new gold standard for Arizona." The band's album, Secret to Everything, was an astonishing electro-rock masterpiece, and continues to be one of my favorite local releases ever. You may have seen my post about Britney divorcing K-Fed yesterday, where I mention that K-Fed had attempted to knock up both myself and Army of Robots frontman Daggrr... that gave me reason to give Daggrr a shout and get my hands on a couple of the band's new tracks, from the Fuck the Disco demo. As expected, they're a bit lo-fi, but hella tight nonetheless. They go in the studio out in SoCal before the end of the year, but for now, check it...

"Don't Dance Fuck the Disco":

"Gold Star Redux":