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Gorillaz Book Dodge Theater Show; The Sound Strike Can Still Suck It

​As we inch closer towards the inevitable shit-show that will be Wednesday, July 29, Phoenix music fans can take solace in the fact that cartoon supergroup Gorillaz have booked an October date at the Dodge Theatre.

The "Escape to Plastic Beach" world tour will hit 17 U.S. destinations -- starting in Wallingford, CT and winding its way through to Seattle.

Phoenix was lucky enough to be among one of the destinations on the "Plastic Beach" tour, among other stops in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand -- something that is rarely said about the city unless we're talking some sort of '80s rock/metal reunion tour. 

So boycott away, artists on The Sound Strike boycott list, because Phoenix is going to be just fine. This Gorillaz date helps prove that not all Phoenicians are evil, racist bigots. As well, most people who live in Phoenix actually enjoy seeing a concert or two from their favorite bands and don't need to be unnecessarily penalized for an awful, racist atrocity that a governor they most likely didn't vote for decided needed to be law.

Good on you, Damon Albarn, good on you. You could have skipped Arizona completely in-between dates in Denver and Los Angeles as most bands do, but you didn't.

Gorillaz will play the Dodge Theatre on Tuesday, October 26. Tickets will go on sale to the public Friday, August 6, at -- if I have to guess, since LiveNation has no info on this show as of yet.