Guess What's Going on With the Morrissey Show at Marquee (Hint: It's Not Happening)

We're pretty sick of reporting it, but seriously, Morrissey's upcoming Friday, April, 19, show at Marquee Theatre has been canceled. The past TWO TIMES he's postponed his tour stop in Tempe, fans were told to hang on to their tickets, because the show would be rescheduled. Well, not anymore: The show's canceled, and you can get a refund from Luckyman Online.

The promoters put it bluntly on their site:

Refunds at point of purchase.

Morrissey is feeling pretty sick these days, dealing with double pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer, and a gastrointestinal issue known as "Barrett's esophagus," according to a statement. He felt well enough to do a crazy-good show in L.A. earlier this month (check outWest Coast Sound's review), but he's too worn to continue his tour. All that battling with Jimmy Kimmel and those Duck Dynasty guys takes a toll, right?

So again, to recap: Morrissey's canceled his upcoming Friday, April 19, show at Marquee Theatre; you can get refunds from Luckyman Online; The Smiths still aren't getting back together. As you were, Mozzers. As you were.

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