Incantation's John McEntee Describes the Band's "Organic" Death Metal

Death metal bands that have been able to permeate the metal industry up from the core of the underground scene are few between. But a band that has been able to do that consistently for a quarter of a century, and still not view their artistry as a "job," well -- that's Incantation.

The American extreme metal band, formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney in 1989, was one of the pioneers in the New York death metal scene alongside such acts as Suffocation and Immolation. And much like the definition of its name, Incantation has been conjuring up heavy doses of unique metal over the course of nine full-length albums. And while the band has had more than 30 lineup changes over the years, it has somehow kept its ritualistic style of tempos that aptly leap from down-tuned and sludgy to rapid and suspenseful.