Green Day, Marquee Theatre, 3/11/13

Green Day @ Marquee Theatre| 3/11/13
Phoenix is pretty damn lucky. We're one of three cities to host Green Day's intimate "warmup" tour on the band's way to South by Southwest. It's a rare treat to see a band that came up in the clubs before graduating to arenas pack a smaller venue.

It hardly felt like a stretching session for the band. It was Green Day's second show since singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong's stint in rehab, but the frontman was as kooky and energetic as ever. He seemed ecstatic to be back on stage after a five-month break, and Green Day played an airtight, nearly flawless two-hour set, keeping the crowd at its mercy with every "hey-oh," fist bump, and Armstrong-led arm-sway. This was Green Day at its finest.

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