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This opening of Long Wong's on Apache and McClintock has certainly stirred up conversation. Its authenticity in regard to the original Long Wong's is in question, and there's even debate as to whether it should be referred to as a "re-opening" or a "grand opening." No matter how one may feel about the situation, it has, for many people, sparked memories of their days at the Wong's on Mill. Friends, wings, silly stories, the larger-than-life personalities that frequented it, and certainly the music all makeup our collective, communal memory of the place. For folks under 30, it's often hard to grasp these memories and connotations in the context of current downtown Tempe. Jason Woodbury discusses his appreciation for the music, and posts some rather old Doug Hopkins recordings -- pre-Gin Blossoms days. Enjoy.

STORY: Vintage AZ - The Psalms

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