Night Train: 19th Avenue and Montebello (Stop #1)

Where: Stop #1, Montebello and 19th Avenue: Oz (1804 W. Bethany Home Road, a five-minute walk from the stop)

Drink: Rolling Rock (or any other domestic beer) for $4-$4.50. Happy hour is from noon to 7 p.m. every day and includes discounts on well drinks, domestic beers, and draught beers (aforementioned Rolling Rocks cost $2.25 during happy hour).

Scene: This stop is across the street from Christown Spectrum Mall, so expect to see lots of fellow transit commuters, families, and holiday shoppers when you first get off the rail. Once you walk down to Oz -- best described as a borderline-dive gay bar -- expect to see lots of good-looking gay men (well-dressed, flamboyantly dressed, and barely-dressed), drag queens, and the friendly face of Booker the bartender, who's known to pour stiff drinks and crack loose jokes. -- Niki D'Andrea