Club Candids

Club Candids: Original Latin Ladies Night at Sky Lounge

Anything with "ladies night" in the title is generally bound to be a good time.

Us gals appreciate being able to get in for free (or at least for cheap), and most guys are stoked that a club is full with more ladies than usual, so it's a win-win situation.


The ladies of Sky Lounge are an exceptional bunch-- they dress to impress and have no reservations about dancing. We spotted a number of short and sultry dresses at Original Latin Ladies Night that make us grateful that we get to still enjoy nice temperatures in December.

DJs Kyko, Daffy, Image, and [S] were on hand playing a mix of hip hop, reggateon, and cumbia that kept both floors of the club going strong until 4 a.m. Plus, Sky Lounge had great drink specials ($3 AMFs? Yes, please), hookahs, and go go dancers slinking to the Latin and hip hop hits blasting through the club.

Check out lavish Latin ladies dressed to the nines at Sky Lounge's Original Latin Ladies Night on Saturday, December 1.

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