Roger Waters, The Summer Set, Pirates, Fire, and Wrestling in Gravy Over the Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving Eve Gravy Bikini Wrestling Girls in bikinis? Check. Girls in bikinis wrestling? Check. Girls in bikinis wrestling in gravy and mashed potatoes? Check. Hurricane Bay hosted the second annual Thanksgiving Eve Gravy Bikini Wrestling Party on Wednesday...see photos

Roger Waters at US Airways Center Last Night Since it's safe to say that at least most of the audience was already familiar with the context of the lyrics and the material being performed, Waters was able to largely base the show on visual storytelling. From the (totally non-anti-Semitic) symbols of society being dropped by B-52 planes during "Goodbye Blue Sky" to the captivating models shown during "Young Lust," there was so much to see...full story

Pirates Attack Firehouse This Saturday, the Firehouse was ravaged and plundered by a band of ruffians during their "The End of the World is Coming, What Kind of Pirate Will You Be?" event. Pirates with a saw to grind let sparks fly while DJs kicked it and a few local bands brought in the apocalypse...see photos

The Summer Set at The Nile Theater Remember that awful movie your daughter/niece/little sister/granddaughter forced you to watch on the Disney channel? Remember the scene where the lead actress goes to the big dance and in the background there is that band you've never seen before playing crappy pop songs? Well, this scene happens in every Disney movie (every one I've ever seen, anyways) and if you were to take all the bands that have been in this scene and combine them together you'd get Scottsdale's The Summer Set...full story