Lady Gaga, The Baseball Project, The Pink Floyd Experience, Tempe Festival of the Arts, and Insight Over the Weekend

The Pink Floyd Experience at Comerica Theatre Last Night It used to be that tribute acts were typically seen in casino showrooms. Lately, it seems that if you're a good enough tribute act, you can bring in good audiences at concert halls. Already this year we've seen a orchestral version of Led Zeppelin at Comerica Theatre, a venue that hosts such big-name acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Arcade Fire, and Janet Jackson. Last night saw another tribute act, The Pink Floyd Experience, bring in another decent-size crowd to Comerica...full story

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Lady Gaga at US Airways Center Last Night (+ VIDEO) For fans who were seeing Lady Gaga's Monster Ball a second time last night, they definitely got a little something new. She closed out the show with a "Born This Way" performance reminiscent of her spot on the Grammys. She also performed a stripped-down version of the song, and if she has it her way, the single will stay at number one many more weeks than the six it's already spent at the top of the charts...full story

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The Baseball Project Last Night at Martini Ranch There's really no better tune to sum up The Baseball Project's set than their opening one, "All Future and No Past." In its 3-odd minutes, the tune encapsulates everything that makes the band so great, the opening day optimism that makes eager fans believe that anything is possible, that your team could take home the pendant, that all those years of suffering the fair-weather fans and waiting patiently may finally be rewarded...full story

Lady Gaga After Party at Bar Smith Lady Starlight graced Bar Smith with her presence at the second annual Monster Ball after party on Saturday, March 26. The bar was packed with little monsters dressed up in their favorite Lady Gaga garb. There was also plenty of beautiful gals decked out in colorful wigs and extravagant make-up. The only thing missing was a meat dress...see photos

Tempe Festival of the Arts 2011 Mill Avenue was taken over by street performers, glass blowers, metal workers, and mask makers for the Tempe Festival of the Arts. Hundreds of vendors sold their various wares to crowds of art-seekers. Check out the outdoor, artistic madness...see photos

Insight Garage Artist Event in Photos Skaters and their pals joined together in Tempe on Saturday for Cowtown's Garage Insight Artist Event that featured artist JJ Horner and insight team riders Jamie Thomas, Daniel Shmizu and Daniel Lutheran. The event kicked off at 7pm with free pizza and booze. The pizza was gone right away but the alcohol cooler was refilled with PBR every half hour making for a skateshop full of happy people. Jamie Thomas served wine as others walked around and absorbed the art. People were seen chillin' inside and outside of the establishment, serving as a vision of plaid flannels, greasy hair, and people having a gnarly time...see photos