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Sadisco* Ceasing Its Monthly Parties (and Going Biannual) After October

If you've never dared to attend any of the depraved dance throwdowns that have been presented once a month by Sadisco* over the past five years, you've only got three more opportunities to do so. After that, it will be awhile before you can thrash about to industrial or EBM tracks while surrounded by costumed freaksters, as the debaucherous DJ collective is ceasing its monthly affairs after October.

That doesn't mean that Sadisco (which is shorthand for the phrase "Sadistic Disco") is disappearing off the Valley's cultural radar, however, as these infamous party monsters will still continue to hold their whacked-out wingdings twice a year. It's something of a relief, considering that the outlandish events are some of wildest that the PHX has ever seen. (And we'd hate for things to get boring around these parts).

Each edition typically features a decadent celebration of both pop and fringe culture centered around a certain theme, such as the annual Fight Club Sadisco* (which will continue to take place be one of the two bi-yearly events). DJs such as Squalor, ///she///, or 5arah spun sets filled with hard-pounding music and industrial bands from across the country would also perform.

So what's the explanation behind the move? Squalor provided the details in a post to the Sadisco's MySpace discussion group earlier this month which provides all the answers.

Its time to make the change S* has been longing for and needing. We have made the difficult decision to cut back monthly Sadisco*s from 1 a month to 2 VERY GRAND shows per year. Yes, just 2 Sadisco*s a year. It's gonna make em more tasty and we swear on it. Just to nip any confusion in the bud. This IS NOT due to: Economy, Debt, Lack of interst by any parties both crew and guests/attendees alike, Lack of ideas, Lost interst in Industrial/Gothic music or music of any kind for that matter. To be honest if your thinking anything negative or hardship-esq or anything other than just the simple honest need to grow and move individualy into what Sadisco* has given this* town and all of us in it. Then your thinking selfishly. This is going to be one of the best moves for Sadisco* ever, and i (Squalor) stand by that along side the entire S*crew. Were not done, were just changing our ventures*.

Squalor and his cohorts plan to send the monthlies out with a bang, starting with this past weekend's Lost Velvet affair at Homme Lounge, which served as a tribute to the Byzantine and bizarre flicks of filmmaker David Lynch.

A number of attendees came dressed as some of the many kooky characters that occupy Lynch's oeuvre, ranging from the life-sized leporidae from Inland Empire -- as well as the Rabbits online series -- to Rita from Mulholland Drive. (Personally, we were hoping to run into either Paul Atreides or Blue Velvet's Frank Booth, but they must've had the night off). One area of the bar was draped in crimson velvet and looked very much like the infamous "Red Room" from Twin Peaks (sans backwards-talking midgets) with a half-dozen TVs playing films like Eraserhead and Wild at Heart. A variety of Lynchian quotes also hung from the ceilings.

The Sadisco* crew will attempt to top themselves with their final three monthlies, including August's amnesia-themed Amnesiadisco* at Homme and September's Armageddon vs* Chaos at Chasers in Scottsdale. October's event on Halloween night (entitled Satan* & The Last Sadisco* On Earth: 666 Nights of the Diesel Dicked Circus*) promised to be the biggest and most outlandish yet, featuring a performance by Combichrist. For more info, click here.