Fight Club *Sadisco, Blow By Blow (with Video)

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On Saturday, January 17, the twisted minds behind the monthly *Sadisco events hosted their annual "Fight Club" themed *Sadisco at J-Heads. The scene was post-industrial-apocalyptic, as revelers meandered around the perimeter of the venue among precarious chain link fences, newspaper trash, and spray-painted signs that said things like "I am Jack's inner homosexuality." (For those culturally-deprived few who haven't read Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club novel or seen the movie, that's a play on the line "I am Jack's medulla oblongata.")

*Sadisco's usual thrall of noise/EDM/industrial DJs and acts provided support for headliner  Terrorfakt, a New York group that put on a very loud show with lots of pants-shaking bass vibrations and power tools.

There was a makeshift "ring" outside J-Heads for people who wanted to fight. Fighters had to sign up in pairs, waive all liabilities for the venue and promoters in case they got hurt, and throw down to delight of the hundreds of howling, drunk spectators. The ring was basically an eight-by-eight foot square with a cardboard mat, surrounded by yet another chain link fence. The brawls were entertaining, although not as brutal as some of the bash-ups in the Fight Club movie. The guys weren't going easy on each other, throwing closed fist punches and relentlessly attacking until one fighter either gave up or the "referee" stopped the match. A few fighters walked away with some prized black eyes.

But the biggest crowd-pleaser of the night was undoubtedly the girl fight between Dani Danger and her friend Marissa. Danger, who we profiled as The Madame of Modification for last year's Best of Phoenix issue, was barely dressed, sporting a ripped-up wifebeater that could hardly contain her real, double F breasts, and men's underwear (stuffed with a "soft pack" of artificial testicles). Marissa wore jeans and electrical tape over her nipples. The match was rematch from last year's "Fight Club" *Sadisco, and even though we watched the whole thing (and have video of it below), we couldn't tell you who won. They were rolling around half-naked, so we guess everybody won.

Here's video of the fight from Saturday night:


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