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Matt and Kim Donate $1,000 to Trunk Space's Indiegogo Fundraiser

There's just over 11 hours left in the Trunk Space's oft-promoted Indiegogo campaign to raise enough cash for its 10th anniversary celebration and a new air conditioner. As such, there's been a flurry of last-minute donations, including the crowdfunder's biggest monetary gift yet, which came from some famous names: Matt and Kim.


According to Trunk Space co-owner JRC, the renowned indie rock/dance punk duo of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino chipped in $1,000 to the fundraiser earlier today, helping to increase the total amount raised to more than $11,000. Its goal is $15,000, which will fund the purchase of a new A/C and help fund the space's 10-day anniversary event in April.

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Matt and Kim performed at the Grand Avenue music venue three times between 2006 and 2007, during their burgeoning years on Iheartcomix. Obviously, they obviously are still fans of Trunk Space.

Needless to say, JRC says he and co-owner Steph Carrico are "super-happy" after hearing that Matt and Kim wanted to donate to the campaign.

"It was really cool of them. I know they have a 'home' DIY venue in Brooklyn, and their early label Iheartcomix is very loyal to the DIY/DIT school," JRC says. "[We] didn't expect it, but that shows you never know where help is going to come from. I think they're also on the same wavelength we are: Stay Positive, do what you love, use your energy to make the world a better place. The Trunk Space community connects with them on that level."

With their donation of a grand, Matt and Kim also earned the perk of a pair of yearlong passes to any and every show Trunk Space will be hosting over the next 12 months, as well as included to the venue's "Wall of Heroes." According to JRC, they plan on giving the passes away.

In the meantime, he and Carrico will continue to stump for donations in the few hours that are left in the campaign in order, including aiming for some similarly famous musicians.

12 hours to go! If anybody knows ~like~ Alice Cooper, or Jim Adkins, or Jason Newstead, or Stevie Nicks, or Wayne Newton, someone from that circle, we could probably close this thing out right quick ...? ~jussayin~

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