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Karen Dreijer Accepts Award, Puts Gaga in Her Place

Karen Dreijer is one half of the Swedish sibling duo The Knife and the sole proprietor behind Fever Ray. She is a very talented musician who is not afraid to stretch the boundaries of what's weird and rather odd. Her acceptance speech last week at the P3 Guld Awards -- an award won by Fever Ray -- she gave a speech that is indiciative of just how left-of-center and different she really is. Revel in her amazing sensiblity -- including video evidence -- after the jump.

You see that, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha? That is how you freak people out while endearing yourself to them. The thing about Karen Dreijer is that she's actually talented and critically acclaimed -- much unlike those other two talentless clowns. Maybe Lady Gaga can dance a little, but her bullshit outfits overshadow any singing talent she might have -- and I think she likes it like that. Ke$ha is just a total hack and wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for Gaga.

Just take a listen of The Knife's "Heartbeats" and you be the judge. Trust me when I say Karen Dreijer is talented, and she doesn't have to sing about paparazzos or clocks to be so.