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Green Day Put on Epic 3-Hour Show at Cricket Wireless Pavilion

It's probably safe to call the members of Green Day rock n' roll gods. Maybe it's because their concerts sets are more than 3 hours long, or maybe it's because they allow fans to come on-stage and play with them. The veteran trio performed for an adoring crowd last night at Cricket Wireless Pavilion, and fans were quick to take to Twitter to express their admiration of the band after the show. Below is a sampling of what people were buzzing about, and you can read our review here.

@rsrudd- Green Day and AFI were awesome, best concert ever

@JennyCaldwelll- GREEN DAY CONCERT. No words can explain it.

@Guitarlicker- Saw Billy Joel's Ass tonight at the Green Day concert!

@Dreamer6688- Went to the green day concert...So amazing the freakin rock

@kaylavelasquez- on my way back home from the green day concert... it was really cool

@blurist62- Great night at the green day concert!

@AmadMEXIKAN- Green day concert was awesome. next year I am Friggin dragging the wife over to have fun with me there

@jbo43- Rock n Roll is alive and well in the form of Green Day. Maybe the best concert I've ever seen

@wreckingcrew4- Green Day concert was off the of the best ones that my eyes and ears had the honor to be at!!!!

@pmadrid_21- The Green Day Concert was......amazing...i has an eargasm XD 8.30.2010<3

@EricRodriguez24- Soooooooo green day was the best concert I've ever fucking seen

@_KristenB_- I must say that Green Day is f-ing bad ass live! 3 f-ing hour concert!!

@abie10- almost 3 and 1/2 hours of day was amazing... great concert

@tarawadlington- Thank you, Green Day! One hell of a concert!

@lilypads- My brother is at a Green Day concert and just texted me that he got up on stage to play guitar in a song! I am so excited for him!

@loyalopez- Damn green day performed a bad ass concert wish i got their hoodie but screw 75 dollars for that

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