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Arizona Rock Bands Benefit No-Kill Animal Shelter Halo

A couple weeks ago I made a joke about Phoenix-based metal band Sorrower singing about puppies. According to comments, I wasn't far off -- band member Tim Callaway (sporting the Black Flag logo as his icon, natch) confirms that "the puppy comment was very funny considering our singer's obssession with his dogs."

Sorrower doesn't appear on Hope for the Hopeless, a "benefit compilation of Arizona native bands in which all proceeds are donated to Halo: Animal Rescue located in Phoenix, AZ," but the bands that do are plenty heavy, and sales of the record benefit the no-kill shelter, assuring that pups, kittens, and other critters are kept safe.

"The CD is an extension of a touring festival we have also organized," says Brandon Kellum of American Standards, one of the 14 bands that appear on the disc. "The festival is a collection of local and touring bands in which each show benefits a charity for the area it is hosted in. In the past we have raised money for Teen Life Line, Abolition Media/Street Light Tucson and the DEBRA Foundation."


"All proceeds raised from the CD will be going to HALO, a local no kill animal shelter. HALO was selected via an online poll sent out to over 1,000 of our Facebook fans," Kellum says.

The disc was released on December 20, and is available on Big Cartel, and locally at Stinkweeds and Revolver Records, and will soon be available at Zia Records.

"Our goal is to donate $1,000 to HALO when the first batch is sold, then use the remaining $200 to replenish the supply of CD's as the demand allows. The initial money used to pay for distribution was donated by our band American Standards as well as other bands featured on the CD."

American Standards is scheduled to perform Friday, December 30, at The Nile Theatre in Mesa.

Check out the tracklist and a sample of American Standards below:

"Bottom Feeder" by American Standards "At Least We Have Matches and Knives" by Move Forward "Mouth of a Lion" by Ape Kill Ape "Occam's Razor" by Run with the Hunted "Biography" by The Author "Have Heart Condition" by The Fair and Debonair "Closure" by Georgianna Hawkins "Into Hell" by On Shoulders of Giants "Gordan Freeman" by Long Live "Evergreen Boys" by Alaurabyrd "Woah I" by Wide Eyed "Louisville Slugger" by Out of Reverie "Would You Rather" by A Step Ahead "The Crimes They are A'Changin' " by Sleepwalker

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