Dan Deacon: The Avant-Garde Pop Artist Feels "Out of Place" Everywhere He Goes

When I called and spoke with Dan Deacon earlier this month, he was in the middle of his tour and didn't know where he was (he guessed somewhere between Georgia and North Carolina). Deacon, who is known for many weird side projects and his bizarre, experimental music, has become a popular figure in the indie music scene with avant-garde electronic albums like Bromst and Spiderman of the Rings. His latest album, America, is split in half, with poppy songs like "True Thrush" and the other half is an instrumental ode to the ambiguity of this beautiful nation and it's darker political climate.

But Deacon is also filled with a healthy amount of humility, making him one of the most thoughtful people I've ever interviewed. His perspective is both insightful and refreshing. We didn't have space for the whole thing in this week's issue (out Thursday), but we've got the whole thing here on Up on the Sun.