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New Girl Talk Album All Day Available for Free Download

Seemingly out of nowhere, Gregg Gillis has made his fourth Girl Talk album, All Day, freely available via

Do you like Jay-Z rapping over General Public's "Tenderness?" How about Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" over some Brothers Johnson? Girl Talk gotchu, son! Gillis is masterful in outdoing himself album after album, and All Day is no exception. There is a palpable excitement for new Girl Talk material -- if not for the prospect of some new music then to hear just how Gillis is going to mashup and juxtapose songs that normally would have no business being mixed together. Take for instance Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" and Foxy Brown's "Hot Spot" with a some "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails mixed in for good measure -- all featured on the album's third track "That's Right."

There is already a wikipedia page chronicling the different songs being sampled, so head to Illegal Art's website and download All Day for free

Girl Talk plays the Marquee Theatre Wednesday, March 23 -- plenty of time to get All Day under your belt.