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Limp Bizkit Is Baaaaack: Fred Durst Says the Band is Working on Two New Albums

Bad news for people with working ears: Limp Bizkit, the rap-rock outfit that stained an entire generation by instigating a meathead riot at Woodstock 1999, is reassembling.

Or so says singer/rapper/douchenozzle Fred Durst, who NME reports says his band is working on two new albums. Apparently he has some free time now that Christina Aguilera has a new flame.

The first one is the previously announced Gold Cobra and will be out "soon." (Hopefully after the threat of massive nuclear meltdown has ended in Japan -- the world can only take so much at once.

By the way, Gold Cobra is gonna be a big-time effort, with Lil Wayne and Raekwon and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons doing... something. Maybe sticking his tongue out or something.

Oh yes, and Failed Art Rocker Wes Borland is back with the group so that's awesome.

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