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Take Cover: Yus Covers Broadcast

Broadcast built a dedicated fanbase with its innovative mix of '60s nostalgia and electronic beats. If you've never heard the band, imagine Nico singing for Stereolab.

Youceff Kabal, who performs under the stage name of Yus plays piano and slows the song down a bit for his version of "Michael A Grammar."

Kabal first heard the song on a mix CD and was motivated to listen to Broadcast's seminal 2005 album, Tender Buttons.

"I really like the singers voice a lot. I feel like the lyrics spoke to me a lot," he says, "but I feel like there's a sad, nostalgic side to the song which I think is what drew me to it. A lot of Broadcast's catalog is very nostalgic and it's a very nice aspect to their music."

He also covers the song to pay tribute to Broadcast's singer, Trish Keenan, who passed away in 2011.

"I think the song has a bit more meaning these days because the lead singer passed away a few years ago. When someone covers The Beatles or whatever, it's a little more meaningful, I guess. There's a purpose to the cover more so than just liking the song a lot."

Prior to the recording of this video, Kabal had only played the song live once before. Our version was a bit different since it features Kabal on an acoustic piano. He likes to keep his performances as minimalistic as possible, using loops so he can play other instruments.

His upcoming show at the Lost Leaf will be his first -- and a challenge he says: "I think if you can prove yourself in that environment with people being right close to you, you've got to be pretty good to do that. I'm challenging myself," he says.

Yus is scheduled to perform at Wednesday, November 14, at The Lost Leaf.

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