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Here's Why Christmas Shopping with Jay Z Is a Terrible Idea

Last week, upscale New York retailer Barneys announced the "New York Holiday" collection, in which it pairs with luxury-rap icon Jay Z to produce a bunch of superfluous shit you'll never, ever buy. Amidst the $70 t-shirts and fancy knit scarves and gold double-rings (which are something that people wear, apparently) is the centerpiece, a $33,900 watch from Hublot, with "black alligator straps, deployment buckle and yellow gold movement." I'm not sure what a deployment buckle is, but it sounds expensive.

In the event that you're not one of the, like, eight people in Jay's tax bracket, it might be fun to bust out the calculator and imagine what you might purchase instead of dropping that kind of bank on something so fleeting and unnecessary as a blinged-way-the-fuck-out watch.

Here's one: If you wished, you could buy all 1,922 Jay-Z songs available on iTunes--album material, remixes, features, basically anything his finger has touched--about 17 times over.