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Crowdsourced: Vayden, Killswitch Engage, Black Carl, and More

This past weekend was a busy one for local bands and fans, with bands like The Love Me Nots and Kinch packing Martini Ranch and Killswitch Engage rocking the sold-out Marquee Theatre. And, if you've been wondering where Digital Summer (the band with a sticker plastered on just about every sign in the Valley) has been lately, they're currently on tour. It's been a super-successful one, according to their Tweets.

Check out this round-up of what's been going on in the local scene, with updates on bands like Vayden, Dry River Yacht Club and Black Carl, and links to reviews from other local music blogs.

Dry River Yacht Club//Pockets Full of Gold from andrew james benson on Vimeo.

If you're a fan of Tempe pop band Dry River Yacht Club, who have a show at the Sail Inn Friday, March 12, they've got some new videos of their live performances on here. Or check out the one above.

Phoenix rock band Vayden performed at the Clubhouse Music Venue Friday night with a slew of local bands, including Butcher Jones, Back from Ashes and Awaking the Fallen. Fans had another incentive besides the rockin' music to go: free T-shirts from Vayden, according to tweeps.

@vayden Last night was sooo fun! We had a great time rocking The Clubhouse! We hope you enjoy your new Vayden tee! =)

@TheRachelWilson that @Vayden showing was freakin awesome!!!

@offcntr So much fun tonight at the clubhouse. Vayden rocked it!

Flying Blanket Recording studios had a CD release party Friday night at Martini Ranch, and Dear and the Headlights, Black Carl, The Love Me Nots, Kinch and more performed. @electrcmustache posted a great photo blog of the show here.

Killswitch Engage sold out Marquee Theatre Friday night, and was there to review it. Read their take here.

@DigitialSummer is currently on tour with Sevendust, and things seem to be going pretty well, judging from their Tweets. Here's the latest: Gettin all set up at The Showbox in Seattle, WA. Still recovering from the madness that was Spokane!! INTENSE crowd the...

Oh, yes and check out this tweet from Tempe soul band @BlackCarl: You can download Black Carl music free: