So Dave Mustaine Is Going to Perform with The San Diego Symphony

So Dave Mustaine said that he hates to be singled out. Yeah--absolutely despises being the center of attention.

One time he was at a Kenny G. concert and the musician asked him to stand up in the crowd because he was going to play at that same venue a couple months later. Mustaine said he turned bright purple and he was too shy to stand up. Wait--Kenny G.? Apparently Mustaine is friends with him, but "not the Kenny G. we know." The Kenny G. that Mustaine knows is way cooler than the Kenny G. we know. Also, he used to be a season ticket holder to the Phoenix Coyotes, and told them that if they ever put the kissing camera on him he'd cash in his tickets.

Okay; I can understand the kissing cam. But I must say that the comment is hard to believe. Mostly because anyone who enjoys heavy metal knows that Mustaine is constantly in the spotlight for one thing or another. And it's usually 80 percent ridiculous or controversial, 20 percent plain music news.

But now he's in the news for one of my favorite musical ventures: the fusion of heavy metal and classical music. Megadeth's main man is going to be a featured soloist with the San Diego Symphony in April 2014 for an event called "Symphony Interrupted." It will include Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries" from Die Walküre, Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Four Seasons, and Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 (the "New World" symphony).

In a recent interview with the Colorado Springs radio station 94.3 KILO, Mustaine said that he admires classical music because of the level of skill and all the creepy undertones that are in some of the songs. "Like the Ride Of The Valkyries and, you know... 'Night On Bald Mountain' and the 'Hall Of The Mountain King', and certain songs like that that are, you know, they're really creepy songs," he explained. "And I said that I would love to do 'Dave Mustaine interprets the dark classical ditties,' something like that. And we talked with the San Diego Symphony, and a friend of mine runs the San Diego Opera, and she talked to them, and they were all about it."

He added that he's really intimidated because he doesn't know what parts he will be playing yet, but that challenge makes it even more appealing. I'll definitely be looking forward to checking out another fantastic merger of heavy metal and classical icons next year.

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