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Odd Future Release New Video, to Play Marquee Theatre Friday (Probably NSFW)

See also: Odd Future's Most NSFW Videos See also: Odd Future Live at the Marquee Last year the hype machine was in full effect for the Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or just Odd Future for short. It seemed as if just about everywhere you went on the Internet -- this website being no exception -- you were bound to see some mention of the L.A.-based provocateurs, whether it was a think-piece about their rapid rise and success, or a probing discussion of their obscene, violent lyrical content.

And while the hype train may have moved on (oh hi, Lana del Rey), Odd Future has kept at it. The crew is getting ready to drop a new mixtape, OF Tape Vol. 2 (due March 20 on Odd Future Records) and have debuted a video from the record, the creepy, WTF-inducing "NY (Ned Flanders)."

Love them or hate them, Odd Future isn't going anywhere.

The group's factions have experienced individual success: Frank Ocean , who has the pipes and sensibility to go mainstream, appeared on Kanye and Jay's Watch the Throne) and Tyler, The Creator (who's celebrating his 21st birthday today) has collaborated with Pusha T and The Game. The group's offshoots like Mellow Hype which feature Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, and The Internet which features the groups only female member the group Syd Tha Kyd have made headlines for their videos.

So far the group has already released one video, for the track "Rella", off of the new mixtape and just yesterday released a follow-up video for the song "NY (Ned Flanders)." In the latest video, we see Hodgy Beats playing the same character from the start of the "Rella" video and we also get to see Tyler as the most terrifying rapping baby we've ever seen. Not that we've seen a lot of rapping babies.

Both "Rella" and "NY (Ned Flander)" were directed by Tyler, The Creator under the guise of his alter ego, Wolf Hailey. In addition to making consistently good music Odd Future has pushed the limits of the meme-as-video approach, winning over fans and skeptics with disturbing spectacle. Up on the Sun contributor Chris Piel took a look at some of their more extreme clips last year which you can check out here.

Given that Odd Future has a knack for making entertaining videos it only makes sense that they would get their own television show.

The group will debut their new show Loiter Squad toward the end of March on the Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network. Judging by the trailer for the show it will be a mixture of sketch comedy and Jackass. Adult Swim should make the perfect home for the new show as it has a history for hosting shows that wouldn't fit in during prime time.

Odd Future is scheduled to perform Friday, March 9, at Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

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