Metal Mondays: New Music From Pantera Calls for a Home-Made Vulgar Display

Metalhead or not, everybody's got a soft spot for at least one heavy act. Jim Carrey digs Cannibal Corpse; Cameron Diaz reportedly rocks out to Iron Maiden. The writers of the hit show Californication sneak it into scripts -- all three of main character Hank Moody's novels are named after Slayer albums. And of course, Ron Burgundy famously shouted "Hey Aqualung" while grinding out the heaviest flute riff of all time in Anchorman.

So welcome to Metal Mondays, where I'll do my best to explain what's rattling around in the heads of us headbangers and touch on the latest metal news and happenings.

Though I may not look like it at first glance, I'm a Pantera junkie. (People often assume I prefer Pink over Pantera. Epic fail.)

I discovered the band in the late '90s, long after they ditched the glam metal hairdos and went hardcore and heavy, saving metal from the takeover of grunge, moments away from the genre drowning in its own vomit.