Snail Quail's Single Is a Tribute to Phoenix

Glendale's Snail Quail is part of the same little cybercollective that brought the world Vladee Divacc of Dunkwave fame.

The singer, J, tells me he wrote the song after being asked to perform for a local radio show.

"I thought that was 'rad' and (due to time constraints) wrote and recorded this song in an hour. It was on the show and all was grand. We decided to make a music video for it because Phoenix is badass."

Click above to watch a video that is, ahem, a little rough, but has a certain charm to it. Also, it's always fun when bands answer the "Why Do People Live Here" question and Snail Quail tackles it head-on.

"When artists and musicians get bored, they move to Portland and New York. Because it makes them feel more important. But I just laugh, because Phoenix is so bad ass."

Also, can we officially name the phrase "Portland and/or New York" a local meme? If Phoenix's creative class ever discovers Portland, New York who knows what'll happen to Roosevelt Row.